If you are Looking for Where to eat in Kigali, look no more, Neza SAFARIS has compiled an updated directory of recommended places where you can dine and their respective specialities


Visit The Hut for all your local cuisine and good bar ambience, they have the best recipes for vegetarians as well.

The Hut Restaurant & Boutique Hotel is three minutes’ walk from the Kigali Convention Center

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The HUT Kigali
Khana Khazana

This is one of the most known Indian restaurants in Kigali with more than one branch spread across different parts of the town.If you are in the city center, you will most probably consider walking down to Kigali 9, KN 31st for lunch or any other meals. They are known for having great vegetarian options as well

Khana Khazana-Neza SAFARIS
Khana Khazana
Repub Lounge

If you are planning on having a great informal lunch in a group or a couple with a beer, this is a great place for you to be. It has beautiful views, relaxed ambience, African cuisine, and live music

Repub lounge2-Neza SAFARIS
Repub Lounge Kigali
Heaven Restaurant & Boutique Hotel

Located in the Kigali city, The Heaven restaurant has positioned itself as an icon in Kigali for great and international hotel and restaurant service standards. It is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner, hotel guests enjoy relaxing on an open-air terrace with expansive views of Kigali. It is ideally known for a great place to have a quiet and calm meeting

heaven-restaurant-boutique hotel-Neza SAFARIS
Heaven Boutique Hotel Kigali
Meze Fresh

If you are looking for a quick lunch with a local taste, this is your kind of place; Meze Fresh is located in Kacyiru and easily accessible using public transport means

Meze-Fresh-Neza Safaris
Meze Fresh Kigali
Cucina Restaurant

Located inside the Kigali Marriot Hotel it has branded itself as Savor a taste of Italy in Kigali. Cucina offers flavorful, authentic dishes from mouthwatering pizzas to savoury risottos to classic pastas. They will give you that western feeling as they complement your meal with a glass of wine from their international wine selection and be sure to save room for dessert!

Cucina restaurant2-Neza SAFARIS
Cucina Restaurant
Iriba Bar & Terrace

Located inside the Kigali Marriot Hotel; Iriba Bar & Terrace is a great place to begin your day in Kigali with speciality coffee and grab-and-go snacks, or relax on the terrace with a tasty lunch at Iriba Bar & Terrace. This restaurant is an ideal place to gather with friends and colleagues. Open for breakfast, lunch and dinner

Iriba bar & terrace - Neza SAFARIS
Iriba bar & terrace

Usually branded by owners as the “Italian island in Rwanda” this is an Italian restaurant that offers the best Italian specialities in a comfortable setting. Pizza, pasta, meat, seafood and more, cooked according to traditional recipes. Using the best authentic ingredients straight from Italy and those carefully selected at the local market. A classy and relaxed atmosphere, comfortable and far away from the city’s noises, an ample bar where you can enjoy Italian wines and amazing cocktails, wide terraces to relish our dishes while enjoying the nice weather

Soleluna Restaurant Kigali-Neza SAFARIS
Soleluna Restaurant

Pili Pili

This is a great hangout place for great music and barbecue after a long day. Located in the Kigali suburb of Kibagabaga; Pili Pili gives you unmatched evening view of the Kigali city as you enjoy their variety of cocktails and local beers at the pool

Pili Pili bar Neza SAFARIS
Pili Pili Kigali

L’Epicurien offers a nice three-course lunch menu as an amazing French à la carte menu in the evenings as you wind up your daily errands. They are also known for a variety of local and international meats, freshly prepared for you on the grill. If you are looking for a great family hangout out place, they have kids catered for playing rooms and toys for you to relax and your meal while as your kids are happy and entertained!

l'epicurien-Neza SAFARIS
L’epicurien Kigali
Inzora Rooftop Café

In Kigali, Rwanda, INZORA is more than just another cafe.  Perched high, with a view of the rising city in the distance, and the traditional life of the valley below, INZORA provides the perfect vantage point for inspiration. Couple this with innovative design, tasty store-made and locally sourced products and a service-oriented experience and you have the perfect place to relax with friends or get your creative inspiration flowing.

Inzora rooftop-Neza SAFARIS
Inzora rooftop restaurant
New Cactus

If you are looking for a place with a wide range of dishes and menu, then New Cactus is probably your best option in Kigali, they offer the best value for money with a long-lasting taste that you will keep remembering for some time without forgetting quick and reliable service

New Cactus -Neza SAFARIS2
New Cactus restaurant
Bourbon Coffee

If you are looking for a place to have the best coffee in Kigali, meet someone for a small meeting with great and reliable Wi-Fi, this is the ideal place you will most probably spend your little dollars! They have the best and quickest service in town and their prices are relatively ok for everyone

Bourbon coffee Kigali-Neza SAFARIS
Bourbon coffee Kigali

Relatively new in town but has caught the attention of all town dwellers as an ideal place for the definition of an International Kitchen by bringing Authentic Neapolitan-style pizza to Rwanda as well as street food from around the world, regional and Mexican specialities. Vegan, Vegetarian, and Gluten-Free options. They are known for Gourmet pizzas, pastas, seafood, street food, and yes even the best tacos and house-made tamales around.

Lavana restaurant -Neza SAFARIS
Lavana restaurant
Question Coffee Bar

If you are looking for a place to taste locally-roasted Rwandan coffee straight from coffee farmers, this is your ideal place. It has a very calm and cosy environment that will allow you to sit comfortably feel the taste of your local coffee as you tick your daily to-do list with great and free Wi-Fi

Question Coffee-Neza SAFARIS
Question Coffee
Asian Kitchen

Asian Kitchen specializes in Thai food but offers a wide variety of Asian inspired dishes. Right next to the Sawa Citi in Remera, you can choose from a set lunch for something quick and easy, or choose from their menu for more dinner options.

Asian Kitchen Kigali-Neza SAFARIS
Asian Kitchen Kigali
 Rz Manna

RZ Manna offers a wide variety of freshly baked bread and pastries. A wide variety of bread and pastries welcomes you as you enter the café that has a black, grey and beige themed interior. The attendants are usually friendly and welcoming, with efficient service. The bakery’s Bulgogi Burger, a lunch special, is a must-try. It is served with a generous helping of mildly hot and soft chips, salted to taste.

RZ Manna
Zen Oriental Cuisine

With tinkling fountains and covered courtyard dining, this sublime restaurant offers Kigali’s best Asian meals as well as Rwanda’s first sushi dishes. This is where the well to do of Kigali come when they want to impress. It’s a long way out of the city Centre in a swanky neighbourhood

Zen Kigali-Neza SAFARIS
Zen Kigali
Sakae Japanese & Korean Restaurant

This is an ideal place to go for a taste of both Japanese and Korean Cuisine in Kigali.  The restaurant offers a great dining atmosphere and a taste of high-quality sushi and other Japanese delicacies. When you walk into Sakae you won’t be overwhelmed with Asian decor and music. What you will encounter is a casual atmosphere with today’s hottest music playing, people smiling and friendly staff welcoming you through the doors.

Sakae Restaurant Kigali-Neza SAFARIS
Sakae Restaurant Kigali
Zuri Hotels & Resorts

Zuri Hotels & Resorts in Kigali is an ideal place for everyone who enjoys great ambience and good food. They have great and international cuisine and their prices are relatively affordable

Zuri Hotels and resorts-Neza SAFARIS
Zuri Hotels and resorts Kigali
Java House Kigali Heights

Located inside the famous Kigali Heights right next to the Kigali Convention centre, the Kigali Java house is an icon in the city for fresh burger and fries, fresh salads, freshly made juices of all types. You will rest assured that everyone will find something that fits his/her taste. The Kigali Java House is open for breakfast, lunch and supper. You can simply walk in at any time and get something fresh and healthy made from the finest natural ingredients from the local Rwandan markets. We cannot forget to mention that their prices are the main reasons you will not hesitate to recommend them to anyone

Java House-Neza SAFARIS
Java House Kigali
Lalibela Ethiopian Restaurant

This is an Ethiopian Family operated business in Kigali that serves authentic and delicious Ethiopian dishes and staple foods. For those that want to enjoy the Ethiopian hot aromas, this is an ideal place that provides and a calm and decent environment. It is suitable for all types of guests including large groups

Lalibela Ethiopian Restaurant-Neza SAFARIS2
Lalibela Ethiopian Restaurant
Bamboo rooftop restaurant

Located in the Kigali city centre on the 5th floor of the T2000 Supermarket, the Bamboo rooftop restaurant is best known for its Asian and European cuisines. They are budget-friendly and open for all meals throughout the day

Bamboo rooftop restaurant Kigali-Neza SAFARIS
Bamboo rooftop restaurant Kigali
Soy Asian table

Located in Kimihurura in the heart of Kigali, a 10-minute drive from the CB. Soy Asian table restaurant reimagines a modern Asian restaurant and is adorned with Buddha statuettes, sea blue walls with matching blue tablemats, black tables and dining chairs. It is dotted with green plants all around with warm fluorescent pendant lights highlighting the restaurant’s ambience. You will feel the great Asian vibe as you enjoy your Thai green curry among the variety of Indian, Korean, Japanese Malaysian, Thailand, Mongolian and Singaporean delicacies

Soy Asian table-Neza SAFARIS3.8
Soy Asian table
Chez Lando

The Chez Lando barbecue and restaurant is a must-have for anyone living in Rwanda or just visiting. This place offers delicious Rwandan specialities such as goat brochettes, herb stuffed tilapia fish or the chez Lando grilled chicken. Whether you choose to sit in the private bungalow-style dining areas or to be part of the scene in the open-air patio, Chez Lando barbecue offers a unique experience in an atmosphere of friendliness and fun

Chez Lando-Neza SAFARIS
Chez Lando
Mr Chips

A small and cosy spot in heart of Kimihurura a few minutes’ walk from the CBD? Mr Chips offers a great experience of delicious Fast Food, American cuisine the quality and great service. You’ll experience delicious and mouth-watering dishes Fast Foods and American cuisine carefully prepared with fresh ingredients served with the care that will make you come back anytime and all the time

Mr. Chips Kigali-Neza SAFARIS
Mr Chips Kigali
Camelia Tea House

For those looking for a place to have a good lunch buffet of majorly Traditional African cuisines, this is an ideal place for you. Their lunch buffet is reasonably priced and for this reason, you will find it normally crowded majorly the Kigali working-class and expats during lunchtimes. During the weekends it’s quite calm but you can still order your food and get it in a short time.

The place is also known for serving great coffee and African tea in all types hence it’s a common meeting point for city dwellers to meet for short meetings and one on one talks over a cup of tea

Camelia Tea House-Neza SAFARIS
Camelia tea House
Zaaffran Restaurant

They recently moved to a new place in Kimihurura, Zaaffran is an Indian restaurant with precisely the best Indian delicacies in town with affordable rates and a variety of Indian dishes on their menu. Their spice and juicy chicken is a must-have  for you who prefer the rich Indian cuisine

Zaaffran Restaurant-Neza SAFARIS
Zaaffran Restaurant
Magda cafe

Magda Cafe is not like any other coffee shop you will see around time, they are known for their unmatched customer service and great delicious snacks in Kigali, so if you looking for a place to chill with good and free wireless internet, Magda is your best choice. You should not forget to try their mouth washing salads, soups, freshly baked bread while visiting Magda and yes, their dessert will extend your stay.

If you are looking for a place to have a one on one meeting, a special date or reading one of your best books as you sip on your Rwandan coffee, look no further

Magda cafe-Neza SAFARIS2
Magda cafe

The Bistro

Patrons of The Bistro are treated to inspiring views of the Kigali city skyline and homely ambience. Undoubtedly one of Kigali’s best-regarded restaurants, The Bistro has an extensive menu for all tastes from European classics, to Pan-Asian belly-warmers to and the Chef’s famous sizzlers. For those brave enough, the popular mouth-blistering house-made chilli sauce is a must-try. The Bistro is open throughout the day until late and has a mood to suit those seeking a range of dining experiences from working breakfasts right through to romantic candlelit dinners.

The Bistro-Neza SAFARIS
The Bistro
Habesha Ethiopian restaurant

If you have been to Ethiopia or you are Ethiopian then you will understand the right meaning of Injera. Ethiopian cuisine is a blend of vegetable and often very spicy meat dishes. Indispensable to almost any Ethiopian meal is injera, a traditional flatbread that is made from the teff plant. The cuisine fuses all the influences of Ethiopia’s long history of trade with the Mediterranean, the Middle East and Asia. This Habesha Ethiopian restaurant will give you the original mouth washing Ethiopian flavours

Habesha Ethiopian Restaurant Kigali-Neza SAFARIS
Habesha Ethiopian Restaurant Kigali
Brioche Gacurilo

If you are in Kigali and you wondering where you can go for a short coffee meeting with someone as you enjoy the natural Rwandan flavours of coffee and fresh snacks, then look no further. Brioche Gacurilo is known for a variety of cuisines ranging from Belgian, European and Yes, African. You can check them out for your breakfast, lunch or even dinner

Brioche-Gacuriro-Neza SAFARIS

J.Lynn’s –Kicukiro

This is a beautiful and cosy hangout in Kicukiro one of Kigali’s densely populated suburbs, if you live or work from Kicukiro and you are looking for a calm and classy place to have a one on one meeting or just chill and sip on the great aromas of Rwandan coffee, then J. Lynn’s is your ideal place. You will enjoy their fresh and homemade taste like foods as well as their variety of fresh juices

J.Lynn's-Kicukiro - Neza SAFARIS
Cafe Neo

If you are looking for a great place to grab a fresh ham and cheese sandwich, then Café Neo is your ideal place, they enough open space that will allow you to settle down, open your laptop and respond to all those pending emails as you sip on their locally roasted coffee and a variety of fresh juices made straight from the local farms of Rwanda.

Cafe Neo Kigali-Neza SAFARIS
Cafe Neo Kigali
Pure African coffee bar & Guest House

This is more than just a usual coffee bar or café as the rest in town, the proprietors have embarked on transforming the lives of coffee farmers through value addition that directly Impacts and changes the lives of farmers.

So you are looking for a place where you will have a cup of coffee and the price you pay changes someone’s life for the better, then this is the right place to enjoy your coffee and a variety of other delicious cuisines and juices

Pure African coffee bar & Guest House -Neza SAFARIS 2
Pure African coffee bar & Guest House
Terra Restaurant & Grill

The Terra Restaurant & Grill will give you a great test of Lebanese and Middle Eastern Cuisine and high-quality Italian coffee in a cosy & familiar atmosphere.

They offer a variety of authentic Lebanese dishes, freshly made by their chefs that comes with numerous Arabic ingredients, flavours and spices

Terra Restaurant & Grill -Neza SAFARIS
Terra Restaurant & Grill
Borneo Indonesian Restaurant

Located in Kimihurura, Kigali’s gourmet capital where gourmands frequent with reckless abandon, this is most probably the first and only authentic Indonesian restaurant in Kigali.  The restaurant’s interior, service and overall ambience is ideal and commendable for mostly those foodies who crave great beef.

The beef rendang is one of Indonesia’s national foods made of slow-cooked tender beef and braised in coconut milk and a paste of mixed ground spices including chilli, ginger, galangal, turmeric, lemongrass, garlic and shallots. The Mie Goreng Ayam is an Indonesian spicy fried noodles dish made of thin yellow noodles stir-fried in cooking oil with garlic, shallots, leek, sweet soy sauce, fried chicken, chilli, cabbage, tomatoes and egg.

Borneo Indonesian Restaurant - Neza SAFARIS
Borneo Indonesian Restaurant
German Butcher [shop & restaurant]

This is probably the most visited hangout place in the Kigali city centre by all categories of people both local and foreigners. Due is due to quite a number of factors ranging from their great fish roasting, beef brochettes, grilled chicken fresh pastas and pizzas. The German Butcher and restaurant has the best prices compared to many places of the kind around the city centre and their services are rather

German Butcher shop & restaurant -Neza SAFARIS
German Butcher shop & restaurant
Rider’s Lounge Kigali

Located inside the famous Kigali Heights-First Floor, The Riders Lounge Kigali has branded itself as Rwanda’s Premium Lounge, Restaurant and bar

Where you are a nocturnal or just passing by for some fresh juice or a glass of beer, this remains your must-go place while in Kigali.

You surely should take your taste buds on a journey and experience an exclusive lounge experience with all the ingredients of fine dining and a special Mixology repertoire

Rider’s Lounge Kigali - Neza SAFARIS
Rider’s Lounge Kigali
Choma’d bar & grill

If you are looking for a place to chill, enjoy good meat and great music in Kigali, Choma’d be definitely ideal for you.

They have a great menu with varieties of delicious foodies ranging from beef samosas, vegetable spring rolls, meatballs, seasoned potato wedges and sweet potato chips, seasoned potato chips, plantains and many more.

Choma’d is also known for great and world-class cocktails served in jars with unmatched flavours that will make you come back sooner than later.

Choma’d bar & grill - Neza SAFARIS
Choma’d bar & grill
The best Nigerian Food in Kigali

If you are in Kigali and you are wondering where you can get the West African cuisine and precisely the Nigerian

For those who have been to Nigeria and Ghana will understand quickly when we talk of Garri, poundo yam, dried bitter leaf, abacha and many more! This is a place that will make you feel at home away from home

The best Nigerian Food in Kigali - Neza SAFARIS
The best Nigerian Food in Kigali
Poivre Noir

Located in the formally known as Chapter One to those who know Kigali. This is a place with a cosy and vibrant environment, from the porch to the classy decor, is much improved, and the food seems to only get better. There are always catchy tunes playing, and the atmosphere is friendly and relaxed. It has the most professional and attentive staff in town and yes, you will love the incredible smiles of the Rwandan young boys and girls as they serve you.

You do not want to miss their fresh and mouth washing burger always available on command at any time of the day in all shapes and types ranging from beef, chicken and vegetable burgers

Check out their new dinner menu that has become a talk in town and you will undoubtedly come back to thank Neza Safaris

Poivre Noir Restaurant - Neza SAFARIS2
Poivre Noir Restaurant
Inka Steakhouse

Located in the tranquil neighbourhood of Kimuhurura – Rugando in Kigali city, Inka sits on what was formally a residential house.

Inka (meaning ‘cow’ in Kinyarwanda), is Kigali’s most-talked-about steakhouse and known for its magical beef steaks and a variety of many more delicacies both local and international cuisines.

The restaurant has the cosiest, romantic ambience around, with comfortable seats and perfect lighting.

The Inka Steakhouse is a place to go if you really to eat (meat lovers will understand this better) and Yes, you won’t be disappointed.

To the Kigali city dwellers who are looking for something new and classy, or a romantic spot for your next date, this is the place. It is child-friendly, which makes it great for families as well.

Inka Stakehouse - Neza SAFARIS
Inka Steakhouse
Brachetto Restaurant

This is a modern Italian restaurant run by an Italian chef, Brachetto is an upmarket venue that wouldn’t be out of place in Milano, and gets top marks for its flawlessly prepared Italian specialities, including toothsome pasta dishes, risotto, grills, gourmet sandwiches and divine desserts (hmm, the dark chocolate mousse). It’s also known for its great lunch buffet, which features a tempting selection of salads and desserts. Wash it all down with a glass of Italian, French or South African wine, and leave with a smile

Brachetto Restaurant - Neza SAFARIS
Brachetto Restaurant
Kivu noir

Well, this Kivu Noir Café has a great story behind it as it represents the most exclusive coffee beans, the Rwandan Red Bourbon Arabica. Kivu noir is rated amongst the top 1% of the world’s highest quality single estate coffees, for its quintessential richness of flavour, freshness and smooth texture.  Typically, Kivu noir takes one month from harvest to cup, whereas other coffees can take up to 2 years from harvest to cup.

This Kivu Noir Café spot in Kigali will give you probably the most original coffee taste you’ve ever tasted in a cosy and contusive atmosphere as you enjoy the great Kigali views with great classic melodies and uninterrupted Wi-Fi and great customer service

Kivu noir Cafe -Neza SAFARIS
Kivu noir Café
Manmartse Korean Restaurant

This is a renowned spot for those who enjoy Asian food and specifically the Korean tradition cuisines. Most traditional meals feature soup or stew, a bowl of steamed rice (bap), and a variety of small side dishes (referred to collectively as banchan). Broth-based soups can either be thin (guk) or thick and hearty (tang). At social get together, Koreans often gather around a special grilling table and cook their own slices of beef (bulgogi) while drinking soju (a popular Korean alcoholic beverage made from rice). Ssam (vegetable wrap) is also common; you simply wrap meat, fish, or rice with a bit of red pepper paste inside a lettuce or cabbage leaf and pop it into your mouth. Koreans sometimes feed each other Ssam or put choice pieces of meat or fish atop their loved one’s rice bowl as a sign of care and affection.

Manmartse Korean Restaurant Kigali - Neza SAFARIS
Manmartse Korean Restaurant Kigali

Turambe shoppe

Known for its fresh Salads and a variety of fresh juices in town, the Turambe shoppe restaurant has a calm and cosy environment that is ideal for a one on one talk as you listen to the classic sounds in the back group and relax.

Turambe shoppe Restaurant Kigali - Neza SAFARIS
Turambe shoppe Restaurant Kigali
4 Blooms Restaurant

This is a small but beautiful place for a burger and fast food lovers in Kigali, they have probably the most delicious burgers, salads and hotdogs in Kigali and all is served in a relatively quick time and their prices are very friendly. If you are looking for a new place and try out something different from the usual restaurant buffets, try 4 Blooms, they will customize your craving into a recipe… lol

4 Blooms Kigali - Neza SAFARIS
4 Blooms Kigali
Japanda Restaurant

This is a relatively new lowkey Japanese restaurant in Kigali with a small menu that’s only open for lunch. If you are looking for great kitchen lunch in Kigali with a Japanese touch, then Japanda should be your place. They do not have a big menu but they rather focus on the quality of what they serve and you will surely enjoy it.

Japanda Restaurant - Neza SAFARIS
Japanda Restaurant

Select Boutique restaurant and wine

The Select Restaurant is amongst the top-rated restaurants in Kigali and it is renowned for its superb gastronomic cuisine, which we describe as the perfect fusion of African and Continental European cuisines. The Select Wine Club is the ultimate place for the wine-loving community and the few reputable wine connoisseurs of Kigali. Visit their cellar during your stay and discover wines that we have carefully selected from specialityth French wine houses, just for your pleasure

Select Boutique restaurant and wine -Neza SAFARIS 2
Select Boutique restaurant and wine
Colours club bar, restaurant and pizzeria

Colours Club Spa and Garden Resort is a beautiful hotel in Kigali near Adventist Church as you head to Kibagabaga. For those looking for a place to chill, get a nice spa and enjoy a cold local beer in a cosy and calm environment look no more. It is well decorated and beautifully painted in colours, this place justifies its name Colours Club. It has quite a great Bar-Restaurant and Pizzeria which facilitates clients to enjoy food and drinks of their choice from a rich menu of more than 215 items from African, Indian and other international cuisines.

Colours club bar, restaurant and pizzeria -Neza SAFARIS
Colours club bar, restaurant and pizzeria
Indabo café

Indabo Cafe is relatively a new spot in Kigali but it has attracted great attention from all the Kigali city dwellers because of its tasty foods, fresh juices and great ambience. Indabo is open every day except Tuesdays. It is located in the heart of Kiyovu in the CBD and according to the great and impressive reviews this spot has acquired in a short time, this is probably a place you should try out anytime.  It has great and beautiful interior decoration and ample space for kids to run around and have some playtime in addition to their good Service 

Indabo cafe | Neza SAFARIS
Indabo cafe
Siloé Café Bistro

This is the place to be…very cosy with a variety of unique and tasty foods served in a calm and chilly place. Whether you are hanging out with friends or you are looking for a spot to have a great romantic talk with your fiance, this is an ideal spot for you. You can choose to sit inside and enjoy the great and relaxing decor or just relax at the balcony and experience the free and breezy Kigali fresh air as you wait for your delicious meal.  

Siloé Café Bistro | Neza SAFARIS
Siloé Café Bistro
The Folk

If you are a true fan of real African foods then this is among your best options in town.  Located in the famous Kigali Heights building right next to the Kigali Convention Center, the Fork restaurant is known for the Ugandan type of foods and all African dishes in general.  Whether you prefer having your meal on the outside beautifully set up tables as you enjoy the magnificent view of the Convention centre dorm or you sit inside, you will enjoy your great and fresh matoke and g-nuts fresh from the farm to the plate..

The Fork Restaurant kigali| Neza SAFARIS
The Fork Restaurant Kigali
Amata n’ubuki boutique hotel

As the name says it, Amata n’Ubuki means Milk and Honey in Kinyarwanda and Yes, this hotel an ideal place to discover Kigali. located in the heart of Kigali city a few kilometres from the Kigali International Airport and close to the beautiful Kigali convention centre with easy access to a variety of shopping malls and other hangout places in town. They are known for their classic and world-class cuisines by their renown chefs and one would not shy around from recommending them to everyone looking for a cosy and, calm and classy place to stay, have a good meal or even work for their beautiful gardens with fresh air and stable wifi.  Amata n’Ubuki hotel is ideal for a romantic weekend, a business trip or to taste the many flavours of our restaurant. The hotel offers well-equipped rooms, an outdoor swimming pool and a clean meeting room.

Amata n’Ubuki Boutique Hotel | Neza SAFARIS
Amata n’Ubuki Boutique Hotel

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