Rwanda is open for tourism activities and Neza SAFARIS is ready to welcome y’all as we recently hosted our post covid first group of seven clients for eight days exporing the great and hidden treasures of Rwanda.

Visitng Rwanda is as simple and normal as before. All you need a negative PCR Covid test taken within 5 days before your departure from your point of origin and a quick one more test upon your arrival that costs a few dolloars (throat swab) that you will wait for as you relax in your hotel room as your results are being processed which under normal circumstances will not exceed 12hours after the test.

For gorillas tracking tours, it will ideally be scheduled for your second day following your arrival in Rwanda. This applies to almost all the itineraries and we shall arrange your last test before you depart the Kigali International Airport as per the current worldwide travel measures.

Rwanda has generally done an amazing job towards covid19 control and combatting on an Internationally remarkable level and is still doing so to ensure your seamless and safe travel experience during your visit. 

Rwanda has adapted and is looked at as a great example towards embracing the new normal of maximizing safety without killing tourism and other value chain economic activities through enforcing both International and domestically improvised measures that include wearing of masks, enforcing a 9pm curfew and doing these parallel with the ongoing vaccination excercise as we look forward to a covid-free future sooner than later.  

Rwanda is open for tourism | Neza SAFARIS
Rhinos in Akagera National park

Rwanda is prepared and keeps preparing to host a safe and successful CHOGM in a couple of months and we encourage you to not miss a  chance to kill two birds with one stone as you take part in this great event and enjoy your pre or post event tour with Neza SAFARIS

Remember conference and events participants in Rwanda are entitled to amazing discounts on their preffered tours including the lifetime experience of a face to face encounter with the mountain gorillas in ther natural habitat.

Book Now with Neza SAFARIS and enjoy remarkable and seamless Rwandan experiences 

Rwanda is open for tourism | Neza SAFARIS
The Nyungwe Canopy