Gishwati Mukula Forest National Park

Gishwati-Mukura National Park (GMNP)  Gishwati Mukura is made up of two separate forests the larger Gishwati and small Mukura on 35.58 km² in Rutsiro and Ngororero Districts of Western Province. Its hilly landscape gives a wonderful lateral and top view.

The forests sits on the ridge which divides the Congo and Nile water catchment areas, along the incredibly biodiverse Albertine Rift in the west of the country.

GMNP is one of the few remaining natural forests and biodiversity hotspots in the Congo-Nile Divide within the Albertine Rift Region

It is made up of 60 species of tree, including indigenous hardwoods and bamboo.

Gishwati homes a group of 20 chimpanzees who live alongside golden monkeys, L’Hoest’s, and Blue Monkeys.

Birds are well included, 232 species have been seen at Gishwati and 163 at Mukura, among them Albertine Rift Endemic species and forest specialists.

The park is currently part of an ambitious landscape restoration program. Activities in the park are due to begin in 2019 and include a guided nature hike, guided chimp, and monkey tracking, bird watching, and a visit to the waterfalls.

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Could not find any tours.

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