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Neza Safaris is a Professional Tour Company, based in Rwanda and Uganda,(Kigali-Kampala); specializing in quality tours and safaris in Rwanda,Uganda,Kenya,Tanzania,Burundi and Democratic Republic of Congo,
Neza Safaris was created by a professional Rwandan tour operator on a client demand basis with a target to professionalise tour operations and safaris in Rwanda and the East Africa.

Neza Safaris is an owner-managed company with enough personnel hence efficiency and value addition in service delivery,
We individualize customer attention and satisfaction to ensure un comparable experiences The company packages and provides  tours & safaris in the region –in forms of –groups, families, individuals, conferences and other incentives with the unique treks in the volcanoes and other destinations in East Africa;We are environmental sensitive and prioritize conservation to preserve and protect the nature.

We value client feedback and respect recommendations as our business back born which keeps us awake for our clients comfort and satisfaction

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